Andre Masson Original Lithograph 1 Graphik 1973


 Artist: Andre Masson
Country: France
Title: Untitled 1
Medium: Original Lithograph
Marks: Not signed or numbered
Paper Size: 14 x 11.75 inch
Printed: 1973 by Mourlot Paris
Provenance: Masson Graphik Ltd Edition book signed no. D497/ 700
Condition: Fine
Certificate of authenticity is included 
Andre Masson (1896-1987) was a versatile French artist known for his work as a painter, sculptor, illustrator, designer, and writer. He participated in the Surrealist movement and explored themes of violence, eroticism, and chance effects through various mediums. His later years in Aix-en-Provence saw him producing landscape paintings and abstract pieces, along with contributions to theatre productions and book illustrations.

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Andre Masson Original Lithograph 1 Graphik 1973

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