Wifredo Lam Original Lithograph Ediciones Poligrafa 1979


Artist: Wifredo Lam
Country: Cuba
Title: Untitled
Medium: Original Lithograph
Marks: Unsigned not numbered
Printed: 1979 by Editiones Poligrafa, Spain
Paper Size: Vellum 10 x 7.50 inch
Provenance: Ediciones Poligrafa 1979 – Redfern Gallery
Condition: Very good
A certificate of authenticity is included

&nbspWifredo Lam, a Cuban artist, captured the essence of Afro-Cuban culture in his unique style blending Cubism and Surrealism. His work celebrates the rich heritage of African descendants in Cuba, resonating with audiences worldwide. Lam’s art remains a powerful tribute to the enduring spirit of Afro-Cuban identity.


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