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At the Fine Art Museum, you can explore a wide variety of rare art books from the 20th century, including portfolios, catalogues raisonnés, and art magazines. Our collection features coveted publications such as  XXe Siècle, Revue Verve, and more, offering a fascinating glimpse into the artistic landscape of the time.

Books categories

A catalog raisonné is a comprehensive, annotated listing of an artist’s known works in a particular medium. It may provide the following titles, pictures, dimensions, mediums, editions of each work, and more.

Fine Art Books & XXe Siecle

Fine art books are collectibles, and they are rare to find. They contain original artwork created by an artist.


An Art portfolio is a collection of work that shows artist’s skills, knowledge, and creativity over time. Creating a portfolio takes time and should be seen as an investment.

Derriere le miroir

Derrière le Miroir  was a French art magazine created in 1946 and published until 1982. Collectors highly seek after Derrière le Miroir.

Out-of-Print and
Collectible Books

It’s important to note that ‘out-of-print’ simply means a book is no longer being published by its original publisher. This doesn’t automatically make the book rare. In fact, many out-of-print books are not rare at all, but simply not being produced in new copies.

The rarity of an out-of-print book can affect its price. Here are some factors that can make an out-of-print book more rare and valuable:

  • The author’s or illustrator’s popularity
  • The book’s subject and contents matter
  • The book is signed by the author & illustrator
  • The number of copies that were published
  • The age and condition of the book
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